USC Baseball still in the discussion...

I found this article over the weekend...

Penn State produces linebackers. Georgetown is a factory for basketball big men. But if you're looking for a pitcher or a slugger in Major League Baseball's draft, which college should you turn to?

The short answer, based on a statistical analysis: Southern California for pitchers and Miami for hitters. But when Missouri State outperforms prestigious programs like Stanford, and when relatively unheralded Kentucky is the third-best school for pitchers since 1996, the long answer is that it's a bit more complicated.


To ascertain which schools have done the best in recent years at producing players who make an impact in the majors, The Wall Street Journal analyzed each draft from 1996 through 2008. Each school that has produced at least four major-league players from those drafts was ranked by adding its total "runs above replacement" for hitters and pitchers. This statistic measures how much better (or worse) a player is compared to a theoretical, average replacement.

The findings: Southern California, which owns 12 College World Series championships but has struggled in recent years, ranks No. 1 overall, although some of its best players -- including pitcher Mark Prior and hitters Jacque Jones and Morgan Ensberg -- have contributed little in recent years. Miami has generated little pitching in recent years but produced several sluggers, including Pat Burrell, Aubrey Huff and Ryan Braun.

My how times have changed.

I don't buy into constantly bringing up the past to try and prove how great you are (or once were) in recent times. 12 Natty's is great but lets not get carried away, the last one was 11 years ago and college baseball is not on the same level as college football or basketball.

USC has had its fair share of stars in the major leauges. And like most schools they have their share of busts. SC still attracts top talent but getting the talent to come school is an entirely different matter. USC has had numerous commits end up heading straight to the minor leagues with big contracts.

College Baseball has made a bit of a resurgence of late with ESPN putting significant resources in to covering the college world series. Numerous websites have popped up that are devoted specifically to the sport. Numerous college blogs have also increased their coverage of the sport. Sadly, we haven't really covered USC Baseball here because of the time and distance issues...its kind of hard to write anything of authority by just reading a box score, you need to see the game.

Still, it is nice to see SC still get some national pub in college baseball.

Now if we could just get a head coach that could get his teams play consistently...

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