Which conference had the best draft?


Watching ESPN's draft coverage, I was wondering which conference had the best draft? It appeared like the Pac-10 was doing well, since USC, OSU and Oregon each had a pretty high number of draft picks this year. So this morning I took a look and saw that many Big East fans were claiming that they had the best draft as a conference based on # of players drafted per team. I thought it was a faulty analysis since it ignores where players went (is it better to have 3 in top-10 or 15 in round 7?).

So here is the "ultimate" conference breakdown - I will use 3 metrics and rank each conference based on the outcome. Then, I will add 3 rankings and see which conference comes up on top.

Ranking #1: Players drafted per team

This seems to be the most popular measure on the Internets. Lets forget its fallacies and analyze the draft results:

Teams Total Per Team Rank
BE 8 27 3.38 11.00
P10 10 32 3.20 10.00
SEC 12 37 3.08 9.00
ACC 12 33 2.75 8.00
B10 11 28 2.55 7.00
B12 12 28 2.33 6.00
MWC 9 16 1.78 5.00
WAC 9 10 1.11 4.00
CUS 12 10 0.83 3.00
MAC 13 10 0.77 2.00
SBL 9 2 0.22 1.00

Ok, no question here - Big East had the most players drafted per team. Pac-10 did well here.

Ranking #2: Draft Points per Team

Since there are 256 players drafted, I will assign a value of 256 to #1 pick and 1 to Mr. Irrelevant. Then add up all the points and divide by the number of teams in the conference.


Teams Total Per Team Rank
SEC 12 5181 431.8 11.0
P10 10 4262 426.2 10.0
B10 11 4252 386.5 9.0
BE 8 3002 375.3 8.0
ACC 12 4460 371.7 7.0
B12 12 4248 354.0 6.0
MWC 9 1417 157.4 5.0
WAC 9 1055 117.2 4.0
MAC 13 1361 104.7 3.0
CUS 12 1100 91.7 2.0
SBL 9 214 23.8 1.0

No surprise here - SEC did well because they owned the first round. Pac-10 comes second again

Ranking #3: Trade Value Points per Team

Similar to #2, but instead we use draft trade value points. My only problem with this trade value chart is that the point difference is very large in earlier part of the draft.

Total Per Team Rank
SEC 13602.6 1133.6 11.0
B12 10519.8 876.7 10.0
ACC 10055.45 838.0 9.0
P10 8255.35 825.5 8.0
B10 7035.4 639.6 7.0
BE 4645.15 580.6 6.0
MAC 2564.5 197.3 5.0
WAC 969.9 107.8 4.0
MWC 925.9 102.9 3.0
CUS 602.85 50.2 2.0
SBL 311.3 34.6 1.0

Pac-10 is now #4 - SEC, Big-12 and ACC did well in round one, thus they round up the top three.

So what do we have now? Our Draft Conference Rankings are as follows:


SEC 31.00
P10 28.00
BE 25.00
ACC 24.00
B10 23.00
B12 22.00
MWC 13.00
WAC 12.00
MAC 10.00
CUS 7.00
SBL 3.00

So contrary to what I saw on many Pac-10 and Big East boards, those conferences didn't have the best draft.  Instead this honor goes to SEC - so more power to those clowns :)

Interesting observation, Pac-10 had the lowest representation % of BCS conferences (# of different teams with players drafted / # of team in the conference). 3 Pac-10 teams didn't have a player drafted (Stanford, UW and fucla). Basically, USC, OSU and Oregon saved the day for the Pac.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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