Simers Blasts AD Mike Garrett

Bumped - I am not sure what to think of this. Simers is always a bit tongue in cheek, but he also makes some good points here. Where is Garrett if he doesn't hire Pete Carroll? (additions below the fold)...P

Simers' Article

I don't normally read, or appreciate, Simers, but I think he pretty much nails this one.  USC has had enough of the surly, tight-lipped, law school diploma mill, in way over his head AD Mike Garrett. Garrett should have been fired for the way he handled the terminations of John Robinson and Mike Gillespie.  I love him as a football player, but believe he lacks the experience to run USC's athletic dept in the 21st century.....

Mike Garrett definitely deserves to be fired for his mismanagement of the USC hoops scandal this spring.  He threw Coach Tim Floyd and the program under the bus.  He released recruits from LOIs without even speaking to the coach about it.  Think about the money invested in recruiting this class...I would guess a $1 million budget.  And, you release the fruits of this labor without even speaking to the coach?  Ok, the program is under fire and you feel that it is reasonable to release the LOIs.  But, why in the hell don't you include a PacX exclusion, which is the MO for football transfers?  Why would you invest $1 million in a recruiting class, and then allow our 2nd biggest PacX rival, Arizona, to steal the assets at the 11th hour.  Heck, Zona didn't steal them.  AD Garrett wrapped them up as a gift with a bow and basically handed them to Zona.  How much SC hoops revenue was lost this season due to the implosion of the hoops program that AD Garrett allowed to happen during the offseason?  And, what caused the implosion?  Internet hearsay, innuendo, and blog attacks all without a shred of empirical evidence and dismissed by Tim Floyd as untrue. 

And, now this.  AD Garrett criticizes the football coaches saying that he did not see us play "one good game."  Yet, he refuses to speak about the latest, media-contrived controversy to hit the football program. I agree with Simers that Garrett is once again leaving a coach "hung out to dry."  I disagree that the current imbroglio is a big deal. USC, and every other major football program, have academic casualties every year.  Shareece Wright was ineligible in the fall.  UCLA lost two key players for their bowl game.  It is actually not surprising that two of the three SC casualties are seniors on their way to the NFL.  And, the Joe Mc story could very well end up being a non-story.  From Joe Mc and Scott Schenter's standpoint, what is wrong with a player driving his girlfriend's company car?  Maybe there is more to the story and real infractions occurred, maybe not.  

But, AD Garrettt's silence is deafening.  In the digital age, we need a media-savvy AD who understands PR.  The AD should be the face of USC athletics and protect its image and defend its honor, while moving swiftly to remedy wrong-doing.  How much damage has been done to USC's reputation because AD Garrett is PR-illiterate?  I can understand not firing Mike Garrett until the USC President search and the NCAA institutional control investigations are completed.  To fire him before the USC infractions report would be an admission of guilt, and further complicate matters.  But, Mike Garrett must be replaced before the 2010 school year commences.  The NCAA institutional control report will be an indictment on Mike Garrett.  I hope that sanctions are only mild to moderate, but I fully expect sanctions to be served.  USC has an impressive Board of Trustees who are passionate Trojans.  Please Board of Trustees, fire Mike Garrett!

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Edit: Paragon

Pete takes responsibility...

"When you're the head coach, you're responsible for everything," Pete Carroll said Tuesday after his team's first bowl-week practice at City College of San Francisco. "That's just the way it goes. I've never backed away from that.

"I take full responsibility for whatever's gone on. Unfortunately ... things get through. Maybe you don't see it clearly. Maybe you don't see it coming.

"(But) whether it's a kid not making his grades or a kid with the issues we're talking about right now, it still comes down to the head coach. That's the structure. That's the way it's set up."

Well, I think Garrett has some responsibility as well...

If the school gets hit with a Lack of institutional control charge I lay that at Garrett's feet because of Mayo. He knew about Guillory and his past issues at USC yet he didn't head that off at the pass.

How is SC supposed to monitor Reggie Bush's parents?

I can see where PC should have been more on top of the academic issues...he should be in regular contact with the teams academic advisors.

As for McKnight...well, lets see how that shakes out first.

I am not happy with this apparent finger pointing...

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