USC 28 - ucla 7 - The Rivalry is Definitely Back ON!

First, A big thanks to DC Trojan for running the thread tonight so I could relax and watch the game...Thanks Bud!

Lets get this out of the way first...I am not sure what Pete Carroll was trying to prove with that last TD pass to DWill. I mean, I get it...the game was in hand but Neuheisel decided to call a time out thus prolonging the game. Pete aired it out...I understand it but I don't agree with it. This was the same type of "gamesmanship" that went on between Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh last year in Palo Alto... And I would agree with the announcers that it does take the luster off a very good effort by both defenses.

Guess I am not getting it...

Lets just say I am amused (rubs chin) but not pleased. Though, I will say this...the rivalry is BACK ON in L.A.! and I would not have it any other way!!!

So let the bad blood flow!! It is on the players and coaches to back this one up. I sure hope Pete knows what he is doing... because this will be put on the locker room back at ucla TONIGHT!

Anyway...about the rest of the game.

What an absolutely ugly offensive both teams. This game was so ugly on offense that I can't even gloat over the win in good conscience....I'll try though!

It was hard just what to make of it. There were some flashes from both offenses. There were some times that both teams could move the ball but for most of the night it was defensive battle.

I get it that there were times that Bates wanted to be conservative (until that last throw) but there were some plays that were just mind boggling. For most of the game neither team really moved the ball well. SC got an offensive TD because of a short field after a turnover in the 3rd quarter and that added to the pick-six by Malcom Smith in the first half.

Matt Barkley is still a freshman and man did it show tonight. Until that final drive that sealed the win Barkley just never got into a groove that showed he was comfortable and to me it does look like he has stalled a little bit. Again he had some flashes (that last throw) but there were some moments that made me scratch my head.

The defense played out of their minds tonight. They were getting pressure on the QB all night. They went after the ball and grabbed three turnovers...but there were a ton of penalties that either extended ucla drives or stalled USC drives...That is still very frustrating.

Props to Kevin Craft, he came into the game for the injured and ineffective Kevin Prince and gave ucla a spark. He sputtered on a few drives right after he came in but he finally drove them down to get them on the board with about 6 minutes left in the game.

SC went right down and scored the TD that seal the win...

The rest we all saw for ourselves.

Oh well...I don't blame ucla fans for being pissed, I would probably be pissed too.

So discuss it here. I am sure there will be a fair amount of scorn thrown our way.


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