BlogPoll Ballot ending week #3 (Draft)


Though some teams are still playing some weak OOC opponents, the wins are still pretty convincing.

For the Top 10...

I finally moved USC #1 after the win on Saturday. I wasn't comfortable doing it on just one win in only one game with all the hype and such. We all know what we saw on Saturday so there is no need to look at it any more here. But this team is for real.

Oklahoma put on a real show against UW racking up over 500 yard through the 3rd qtr. Bradford is really a special player and OU will be a force in the Big 12. That Texas game is going to be a monster. The big 12 has a lot of talent. So they stay at #2.

I was surprised that UGA didn't do more against South Carolina. I mean with South Carolina losing to Vandy last week it was clear that Spurrier's team just isn't there yet adn with all the talent UGA has I thought the score would have been a little more convincing so UGA moves to #3.

Missouri is for real and Chase Daniel has to be the leader for this years Heisman...I mean Jesus! 405 yards passing! Wow! Like said the Big 12 is going to have some real Donnybrook's this season.

Florida was on a bye week.

LSU looked solid up against North Texas...Holliday is something to watch.

Texas is in hold mode with their game against Arkansas postponed because of the Hurricane.

Wisconsin had a real scare against Fresno State who shot themselves in the foot with missed FG's I really thought that Fresno was going to win that game. Fresno once again looked stymmied in the 1st half and got things rolling in the second half but it wasn't consistent. That was a real struggle for Wisconsin.

Alabama was convincing but the key here is they played better than they did last week against Tulane.

Auburn was pitiching a shutout but allowed two runs late in the 9th inning a saftey to make it real interesting before pulling out the win. They should have been more dominant, 'nuff said.

other notable games...

BYU smoking disappointment or surprise here other than the score. I don't know what to make of it who had a worse day? Chow with ZERO offensive production or Walker with a pretty good defense that was torched by Hall. If Verner gave Collie any more of a cushion he would been sitting in the stands. I don't want to hear about injuries on the defense it has happened to us and we have made it work with young experienced players. Looks like Walker is still living off off of 13-9, go figure...

Oregon decided to show up in the 4th qtr and to move the game to overtime so they could pull out the win.When look at the losses by Cal and and ASU... man did the Pac-10 take it on the chin!

East Carolina and South Florida had some scares but held on to win. FSU, Nebraska and Boise break into the poll this week.

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal 2
2 Oklahoma --
3 Georgia 2
4 Missouri 1
5 Florida 1
6 LSU 3
7 Texas --
8 Wisconsin 3
9 Alabama 5
10 Auburn 2
11 Texas Tech 2
12 Brigham Young 3
13 Oregon 3
14 Penn State 6
15 Ohio State 9
16 East Carolina 2
17 South Florida 2
18 Utah 5
19 Kansas 3
20 Wake Forest 2
21 Nebraska 5
22 Florida State 4
23 Boise State 3
24 Fresno State 3
25 West Virginia --

Dropped Out: Arizona State (#12), California (#17), Illinois (#24).

Feel free to make comments or suggestions on where you think I am wrong. The Final Poll needs to be in by Wednesday morning.

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