1st Saturday impressions?

2nd quarter, Cal and Tennessee (wow, that stadium is louuuddddddd... attention, Sark, go wild with your gameplanning for 11/10-apparently defense will not be played in Berkeley this year... good for Desean Jackson-his ego needed that... wagers on how much Brent's had to drink?... awwww dude, not only is that "Cavemen" show gonna s*ck, but it's gonna make me hate the Geico ads, now), but I'm off for the 'SC game and then hoping I'll be at El Cholo too late to make a coherent post later. These are the games I caught all or part of (so far):

TOUCHDOWN JESUS WEPT - Now we know why Weis wasn't naming their QB for the game; he knew it wouldn't sound good to say "all of them". I know "rebuilding" is a dirty word in South Bend, but that was NOT pretty. It must be doubly hard to take with a head coach who completely reinvented the concept of offense in football, or whatever that Leprechaun publicist keeps saying. BTW, do you ever hear even the slightest negative expression about any aspect of ND from the NBC crew covering the game? No, not, "wow, is he fat!" but even, "I'm not sure that was the best choice of plays on that drive." There are some obvious advantages to having your very own network. Have fun at Penn State next week, Domers.

THIS IS THE YEAR WE TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL, PART DEUX - Olson and the powder blue drill team looked good, although it was against Stanford so I took that with a grain of salt. I think Walker's D will be tested at the secondary level more in the future; their D-line is tough. Overall they started slow, but made some good adjustments at halftime. It also must have been nice to have more people in the stands as the visiting team, even wearing those colors. They didn't have to worry about taking the crowd out of the equation, since the crowd was MIA.

WHAT IF YOU SPENT $$$ REMODELING YOUR STADIUM AND NOBODY CAME? Seriously, did the Stanford A.D. mix up the home/away dates on the schedules they distributed to students? Or maybe those Tree-hugging eggheads are already holed up in the library. Any way, Stanford is going to be better under Harbaugh (big challenge, that) but not much better until he has a chance to recruit some players. The team has heart but he needs more talent there, especially on the lines. Here's hoping Ostrander isn't kissing the turf as much as he and Trent Edwards had to last year. Oh well, anything to keep the focus off the Stanford "band".

BIG 10 OWNS PAC-10! Actually I should say "Big 10's pre-season conference champ fave owns lower-tier Pac-10 team!" but I figured I'd just go with the headline they'll write in Madison. I was impressed that the Cougs came to play at Camp Randall and they gave Whisky a good test early on in the game. Brink looked good, but Doba is gonna have some issues dealing with his in-conference competition with that defense. Cougs represented - well, for the first half any way.

IF THE RESUME FAX LINE IN ANN ARBOR IS BUSY, PLEASE KEEP TRYING - Seriously, who would EVER predict Michigan losing to Appalachian State. Forget that it was in the Big House. Good lord, all those seniors who came back when they could have left for the NFL. For that?! They've now made cfb history, but not in the way they prolly imagined. Oh well, two good things to take away from this ignominous defeat: this game didn't even rate being included on most college pick'ems so you didn't lose money AND UM can take it out on Notre Dame in a few weeks.

PARTY ON THE BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY - Just up the road from Boone, NC (home to Appalachian State), VaTech had more trouble with East Carolina than any one expected. I'm glad they got the win since it makes for a nice end to the emotion in Blacksburg today - and not a minute too soon. Sorry, you'll haveta find some other story to milk now, WWL. Might I suggest a 3-month long nightly poll matching the USC football team up alternately against a baker's dozen Biblical prophets and various Norse gods and giants? Any way, Beamer definitely has some issues to resolve if they're gonna hang with LSU.

ACC NORTH POTENTIAL CHAMP? Matt Ryan did a solid job leading Boston College to the win in their close one with Wake. He could make the Heisman short list by the end of the season if they stay on track in the ACC North. Meanwhile, I think this could be one of the more competitive divisions in the BCS conferences this year. I'll withhold judgement on what overall impact the ACC will have.

MISSOURI OVER ILLINOIS - The Tigers held on for the win. I only mention this because I'm going to a Mizzou game this year, so I think it'd be cool if they were undefeated when I make it there in mid-October. Chase Daniel, please stay on that.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Conquest Chronicles' writers or editors.

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