UCLA's Dorrell has been fired.

Bumped...We will obviously be interested in who ucla picks as their next head coach. In the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter as SC needs to stay on message and focus on their own thing. I may have some thoughts in a few days as I already have a post in the can ready to go but I will more interested in some of the fall out. Dorrell is only part of the story, recruits other coaches and the like will all be in play as things progress. It will be fun to watch. - Paragon

UCLA told head coach Karl Dorrell on Monday that he has been fired, a source close to the coach told ESPN's Joe Schad. Dorrell's buyout will pay just over $2 million.

This taken from the LA times with a statement from athletics director Dan Guerrero:

Dorrell out as UCLA coach

By Chris Foster, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
11:41 AM PST, December 3, 2007

Karl Dorrell's tenure as UCLA's football coach came to an end today with the announcement that ended weeks of speculation about the coach's future.

"This was a very difficult decision for me," UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero said in a statement. "Karl has represented this program with dignity and class. He is a true Bruin and I respect what he has accomplished in his five years as our head coach, particularly off the field. But, at the end of the day, the focus has to be on results and I felt that a change was in the best interest for the future of our program."

A news conference at UCLA was called for early this afternoon.

Boise State's Chris Petersen, Texas Tech's Mike Leach and former NFL coach Steve Mariucci have already been contacted by representatives on behalf of the athletic department. DeWayne Walker will be the Bruins' interim coach for the Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 22.

Petersen, sources said, is Guerrero's top choice, but Mariucci and Leach are equally strong candidates. Mariucci also comes with less red tape, as both Petersen and Leach are under hefty, multiyear contracts that would have to be bought out. Walker, whom Washington State has contacted for its head coach opening, will also get some consideration. A source familiar with the athletic department said that Bruins officials will try to retain Walker, the lynchpin in recruiting efforts, no matter who is hired as head coach.

Edited for length.

UPDATE: From Dohn’s Blog

Let the games begin…

(Emphasis mine)

Head coaching experience a must?

Karl Dorrell didn't have any head coaching experience when UCLA hired him five years ago. Defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker would be a candidate, but he doesn't have head coaching experience either. In Dan Guerrero's press conference today, he said head coaching experience was ''pretty important''.

But he also said: ``You never say never.'' Certainly doesn't sound good for Walker, who's a candidate for the Washington State opening.

What do you think? Does UCLA need a coach with head coaching experience?

By the way, Boise State's Chris Petersen said today that he's not interested in the UCLA opening.

He’s interested, don’t be fooled.

Update II: here is a link to Peterson saying he is not interested in the ucla job. Reading a transcript is one thing seeing him say it is quite another. We’ll see…

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